To begin taking courses, login using the information provided by the Learning Platform Administrator. We encourage you to change your password after logging in by clicking on the User Profile icon in the top right, then Change Password. We recommend keeping your password consistent with your UltiPro login for ease of remembering.

After you log in, a new tab will open in your browser.  On this tab, you can search and browse the catalog. When you find a course you would like to enroll in, click the Enroll button at the bottom of the description. The system no longer requires pre-approval to take a class. You will be able to begin the class immediately, or come back later to complete the course.

To review the courses you are currently enrolled in, click the Learning Center tab, then click My Learning. You can also look at the classes you’ve already taken by clicking on My Learning History under the Learning Center tab.

Don’t have a user name or forgot your password? Click Contact Us to request one.